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Why Frameless Glass Shower Screens Are Trending In Bathroom Design

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Having an outdated bathroom can be an unpleasant experience, especially when your home is up to date. While it is easy to change the furniture and make minor adjustments to renovate other rooms, the bathroom often needs more than that. Considering the fast pace of life nowadays, the bathroom has more important as it is a great place to relax after a long day’s work. Having a relaxing atmosphere depends largely on the design of your bathroom. While many architects used to design small bathrooms to maximize the space in other rooms, many bathrooms lacked natural light and took on a dull appearance. If you are planning on giving your bathroom a modern look, you should consider changing your shower screens. Black frameless shower screens are a perfect way to do so as they allow more natural light to flow through the bathroom and can give your bathrooms a modern look.

If you’ve had a framed glass shower screen, you’ll understand the frustration of having to deal with a door that gets worn out every few months. Wall to wall shower screen used to be attached to frames that joined the screen together, which made them subject to wear and tear. These even frames that had sliding doors were attached with bolts that could get rusty over time. However, glass shower screens now come without frames. They are just as strong as those with frames, except that they are easier to maintain and are more hygienic. While older shower screens were difficult to clean, modern frameless glass shower screens are much easier to maintain as there are no edges for dirt to get stuck. Not only enhances the design of your bathroom, it provides a hygienic atmosphere as well. The glass screens can be cleaned with a cloth and require little effort.

Modern homes are shifting towards an emphasis on using natural light more effectively. Glass shower screens are a great way to allow natural light to flow through the bathroom. They are also easy to install so you do not have to worry about spending too much time to renovate your bathroom. Having a frameless screen installed in your bathroom is actually a great way to increase the value of your property. Many real estate agents say that the bathroom and garden are the main areas that influence buying behaviour in customers. Therefore, by investing in your bathroom, you can get more than double the return on the value of your house. However, it is important that you install the shower screen through a reliable supplier to ensure durability and reliability. Also, while some showers may require specific measurements, most frameless glass shower screens come in universal sizes and can fit in any bathroom.

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