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Things To Buy Before The Little One Comes Home

Now that you have finally come to that point in life where you are expecting the arrival of a little one you will need to make sure that you prepare you r home and life well in order to receive the little one in to a happy home. Here are some ideas of what you should get to make things good and easy for both you and the baby.

Prepare the room for the little one
From the cot to the feeding chair to the baby monitor should all be looked into so that you have every thing set up. This way when the baby arrives you wont have to run around trying to sorts things out and stress yourself. You might want to keep the little on with you in bed for a certain period of time. If this is the case you should make sure that you get mini bolster or side pillows so that you will be able to place the baby comfortably at night while you sleep next to them.

The basic supplies
You should also look into the right formula for baby if they need to be put on it for a time. Sometimes they do well with just mother’s milk but if the need arises you might want to look for something that is recommended by doctors so that you have the best for the child. You should also get plenty of nappies and baby creams and bath soaps. Soon enough you will be taking care of a little one that eats, poops and sleeps all the time.

The bottles and the right equipment
When the time comes you will be moving from Breastfeeding to bottle feeding so you will also need to start getting the right size bottles, teats and the brushes that will be needed to keep them clean and tidy. You also might want to invest in a microwaveable disinfectant kit for the baby’s belongings that he or she puts in their mouth. Buying all this ahead of time is best as you will be able to use them when the time comes and not have to them run around looking for the right ones. Even though toys are not a big must have as when they are very little they wont really be able to play much. But it would be a good idea to get some yoga that you can use to entertain them with when they are taking a bath. This way you will be distracted enough to have a fearless bath

Bring Out Your Inner Alfred Pennyworth!

We all know that even though Master Bruce battles the stock market by day and crime filled streets of Gotham by night, there is one figure without whom none would have been possible. And that is, our beloved Alfred. Similarly, a being a Chauffeur is not a simple job of opening doors or saying goodnight. The ideal chauffer is a real life Alfred; efficient, polished and absolutely dependable. So let’s look at some qualities we should develop to be the best in business.


The obvious first in any list, this is a must! To stand out, you must be impeccably dressed, looking constantly fresh at any time of the day with a ready to business attitude. Of course being well dressed is a matter of subjectivity but if nothing else, the standard white shirt, black suit and tie should be fine anywhere. Most engaged in the chauffeur hire in Sydney industry tend to provide a distinct uniform and identification methods such as a clearly visible card or tag on person. This should impress and make first time customers comfortable and approachable.


Another quality which goes hand in hand with appearance, good hygiene will definitely make you a pleasant companion. Being clean shaven will enhance boost your image. Keep mints and hand sanitizer ready at hand but be careful not to use either in the presence of your client. And do go easy on the aftershave! This job requires a lot of subtle elegance.

Reading up!

Though one may not realize, being a top notch chauffeur requires quite a bit of homework. For starters, it is preferable to read daily and be up to date on current affairs since that will go far to impress anyone and make you comfortable to engage in small talk. Furthermore, learning a language or two will separate you from the rest of the pack since that will make you accessible to clients from multiple nationalities which is a common problem any service provider of airport transfers will face. Anyone will appreciate and feel comfortable with speaking in their native tongue. So clients are likely to be relaxed around you, thus making your service better.

Manners and confidence.

Last but certainly not the least, you should be mindful of your words and actions. Be polite as a general policy but also look out for the client’s respective cultural sensitivities. You don’t want to offend his or her beliefs or traditions even unintentionally! It is preferable if you avoid smoking during the job since cigarettes tend to leave a distinct smell and some clients may feel uncomfortable. All in all, it is an exciting profession requiring constant innovation and improvement. So bring out the best in yourself and everyone around!